shortcut key for compose mail in gmail. Nov 01, 2013 · Shortcut Key Definition Action c Compose Allows you to compose a new message. Shift c allows you to compose a message in a new window. d Compose … A Social Bog about Baloch People, Balochistan and Brahvi Language. Latest In Categories. Popular Most of us are used to writing emails in English as it was the only option available. And if you ever wanted to write email in a different language, you had to write New in WorldClient 14.0 ComAgent Renamed (14.0.1) The ComAgent desktop application has been renamed to WorldClient Instant Messenger. WorldClient Theme Press Shift C to compose a new message in a new window. We ve rounded up 10 of the most useful Gmail shortcuts to help streamline  You can also enable shortcuts automatically by going to kbd 1. Keyboard Shortcuts. Shortcut. Key. Definition. Action c. Compose. For those of you who are using Gmail, these shortcut keys allow you to do all of your Save draft, Saves the current text as a draft when composing a message. In the United Kingdom and Germany it is officially called Google Mail. Shortcut in Gmail. Shortcut Key Definition c Compose / I have just released version 3.0 of Gmail Delete Button. All old comments remain in the archive. In the future Please do not use the comment form on this page as a To change your mail settings click on the Options link (denoted by a gear) in One helpful shortcut is the shift C key . allows you to pop out a new compose  Gmail Keyboard Shortcut Keys Check out these latest Gmail keyboard shortcut key list to navigate, compose, reply , group message and lot 

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